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The Red Flags about Cat Heath Care

The Red Flags about Cat Heath Care

Owning a cat and treating it as a pet requires more than including your furry friend on your monthly budget. You have to be an instant parent once you become involved. You have to know their basic needs and all there is to understand about cat health care.

First, in order for your feline companion to be happy and contented, you need to provide them a home. Yes, it can be left to wander about your own house and treat it like their kingdom. But you have to make sure that the surrounding is safe. Do not hang about things that would cause injury and further mishaps to your cats.

Second, make sure that your cat gets the necessary nutrition that it needs. To do so, you have to give them only the best kind of cat food. The best will not necessarily mean expensive. You can ask your vet for recommendations given the amount that you can allot for this purpose.

And lastly, think about your cat health care. This is so vital because if you were caught unaware of a sudden incident, you may easily lose you beloved pet just because you didn't know what to do.

So know your cat. Observe it well. Know their usual interests, the way they eat, they way they interact with the other pets and also the people in your house. If you feel that something seems to be out of place, then call your vet immediately for advice.

So find a veterinarian nearest your place and get their contact information immediately. They are your lifeline whenever your cat's life seems to be in danger.

You will be the first judge if something seems to be wrong with your cats. Here are some indications.

Grooming Style

These creatures are known to be vain. They are always grooming themselves. If they are grooming too much on one side, they might be bugged by something like, yes, bug or fleas. The process may hurt them. So interrupt and act upon it. 

Also beware if they are no longer cleaning up on their own. It may be a sign of depression. You also have to consult the vet about it if this happens.

Eating Style

If you know your cat very well, you will easily see if there are any changes to their eating habits. Don't let them go through the day without eating too much. This may be a symptom to something else. So this is also a good time to call on your vet.

The Behavior

If your cat is friendly and it all of a sudden becomes aloof, you need to raise the alarm level. This also goes with the way your cat walks. If it seems to be doing this thing just a bit too odd, it may be something to be concerned about.

As the owner, you need to be very cautious with everything that your cat does. You have to take note of their vowel elimination. Just like humans, they may sometimes suffer from diarrhea or the likes. 

Although calling the vet is always the best choice for you to do, you can also search the web for quick solutions to minor problems. The Internet offers a vast resource for your every cat health care question. So take time to read some info and apply it on your own pets.(red)

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The Proper Care for Cats

The Proper Care for Cats

Just like us, cats have needs and their needs must be provide especially if you have them as pets. Their needs are just normal when it comes to the basic and as well as material. What matters most is the affection and care you share for these animals. When they feel that you are sincerely taking care of them, they would really feel it.

What do cats need?

The following are the things cats needs for better growth and development:

Cat food

Cats could be very greedy but you have to watch their diet. There is this right amount of food. When cats are younger than 12 weeks, they need to have 4 small meals but when they grow as old as more than 12 weeks; you could gradually trim down the number of meals to 2. Water must also be provided but milk is not encouraged for it would only cause diarrhea to cats. Feeding them with grass from time to time could also help out in their digestion of food.

Cat belongings

There are items you need to provide to your cat that would surely make it feel the comfort and in effect these things are sure help for you to have a clean and orderly home. One of the most important things you have to provide is the litter container. Well, cats may be clean animals but just to make sure, you place a litter container for your pet to use. This would let you overcome having a smelly home.

A post to scratch is another thing that must be provided by the pet owner. This would let the home furniture stay away from the scratches of cats when they are growing their nails.

Cat grooming

They also need to look good. Proper grooming must be given to cats. When they feel pampered, they would radiate it and echo it to you. When your cat is long-haired, see to it that you comb the hair daily and give your pet a generous bath from time to time. When your pet is short-haired, just see to it that you get rid of fleas and other parasites. They have to remove as much as possible for they may also go and stay in your belongings at home like carpets and others. Tooth brushing is also very hygienic.

These three important points must really be remembered for they would definitely make your cat pets live the best life with your care and your affection that they may also return the kindness back.(red)

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Taking Care of a Three Legged Cat

Taking Care of a Three Legged Cat

Ever dreamt of becoming a pet owner? How about taking care of a three legged cat? If you are serious about caring for a feline companion, you have to be ready for any comeuppance. 

Being a care giver to a normal cat is also not as easy as you think it is. Responsibility comes with hard word, practice, learning and applying all those to the way you do things. But with a three legged cat, everything must be done with extra cautiousness and care.

If you know your pet's peeves, you might as well double the effort of avoiding such if you are taking care of a three legged cat.

The Pet's Peeves

More than the purring or meowing, you should be able to identify the body language of your cat to its mood. You must take note of the mood changes. What seems to be simple to you may already be a sign of something worse. So be in the know. And don't be the last to find out.

What are the things that may upset your feline friend? By taking extra care with such pet peeves, you will make your cat's life happier and more comfortable.

The Litter Box

Cats have very good eyesight. But they have better sense of smell. And they don't like anything that stinks. So watch out for those litter boxes. If you don't keep them maintained, your pet may opt for the laundry basket that smells a lot better.

You cat can smell 14 times better than you do. So you really need to do extra effort on the cleaning part. Because what may be good to you may still smell foul for your pet. Sounds like a lot? Just think of it this way. You will be doing your home a great favor. You will be doing your share to make the place smells nice and clean for your furry companion.

The Horror Medicine

Cats don't like the taste of most of their meds. But as their owner, you know that you can't do without it. So you have to find ways that your cat will be able to take the medicines without causing you too much trouble.

They particularly don't like those in tablet and capsule forms. Such meds can stay in their esophagus for five minutes or longer that may cause to more serious trouble. So take this task seriously. Ask your vet for suggestions on how to do so.

The Food

Watch out when you give your cats their food. Make sure that they don't eat spoiled food. It will cause you a lot of trouble because your cats are sensitive to such.

Petting Styles

You have to take note of your petting styles. Being too aggressive or too playful may irritate your cats. You have to treat them with care. And you have to know what tricks they like so that you can give them exactly that.

Jealousy Attack

If you will be introducing a new pet or a new member to the household, you have to integrate them slowly even with your cat. Cats tend to be jealous when they are being given less attention than what they were usually getting.

Taking care of a three legged cat is easy. You just have to know what to do and what to avoid in order to have a harmonious relationship with your feline friend.(red)

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Curiosity Astrology

Curiosity Astrology

Seru TV - Where did the practice of astrology originate. Did it evolve in one part of the world and then become adopted by other civilizations.

When you study the ancient civilizations in the Middle East, Central America and in Asia, there are remarkable similarities in how they adapted their lives to be in harmony with the rhythms of earth and the cosmos. Consider that there are pyramids in Mayan and Aztec cultures, as well as Egyptian ones. And that many pyramids are constructed around and point to key events in the solar system, such as equinoxes and solstices. 

Similarly, astrology is thought to have developed independently in Babylon and Central America. The astrology systems in India and China most likely were derived from those in Babylon.

It’s curious that many fundamentalist religions reject the principles of astrology, because it was, in fact, an integral component of the religions of Babylon. It was part of the calling of priests in Babylon to predict the future and part of their methodology for doing so was to interpret events in the sky. Nothing was considered pure chance and any natural occurrence, no matter how mundane or mysterious, could be an omen of either good fortune or bad. 

The part of Mesopotamia that is now Iraq once comprised Babylonia in the South and Assyria in the North. Before Alexander the Great conquered the area in 330 BC, the Assyrians were a military and administrative power, and Babylon was the center of culture. The underlying belief system in both cultures was that there was a spiritual force behind every act of nature. Heaven and Earth were complementary systems, with neither one having dominion over the other. But by the 4th century BCE, this belief system was influenced by the Greek view that the heavens, and its resident gods, determined events on earth.(red)

The Good Things Pet Cats Bring

The Good Things Pet Cats Bring

As man’s best friend except for his dogs, cats have been a part of every family, be it poor, middle class or the super rich. Reasons of having pets such as these domesticated animals and other animals are mainly relative depending on the owner. For some, it is because they are inevitably- animal lovers, for others, they feel relaxed. And, for most, these make them happy.

Despite the advancement of technology, people will never find an alternative to the joys given to them by their pet cats. There are numerous benefits when one has pet or pets especially when you choose to have cats.

More than the activities they could share with you; pet cats are great source of comfort. It was found out in a study that pets like cats would be very helpful for the aged people. Most of them are in the dark age of their lives. All the fears and insecurities are there. At an old age, other people younger than you seem not to pay that much attention. Having a pet would enable you to touch, be touched and feel how it is to pamper somebody is. The activities they could share like walking around or having some jogging would be very healthful too.

Animals, especially these cuddly and affectionate cats as pets also keep us feel far from being lonely and bored. We could talk to them and express our deepest emotions, the words we could not tell to our fellow humans. Dogs and cats, also other animals, are now being trained and so they learn to do tricks and to entertain people. They are so playful and they could unravel the child in us. As a form of emotional outlet, they could ease stress and make us feel more relaxed.

Every pet could provide you with different positive feelings. Birds and fish are so attention-catching. Looking at them would get you feel at peace without exerting too much effort. Staring at fish in an aquarium or pond gives one the peace of mind and the relaxation against a stressful time. These pets could also help you build the focus or concentration you need to start a task or the like.

Humor is the best medicine. Animals are great source of it. Having pets at home gives you free shows. Yes, just looking at them would make you feel fun. Their actions are animated; they act and move so funny without the risk of hurting other emotions unlike people-comedians. 

It is undeniably true that pets are saviors; they stretch our lips to smile, stretch our patience, stretch our peace of mind… and in the end, stretch the length of our lives. They give people relief and refuge. Having them around would give you a happier life and a happier life would be your ticket to a better self- in and out… a longer life ahead of you.(red)

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The Cat and Child Connection

The Cat and Child Connection

Cats are popular for the relief they could give to their owners or masters. With the numerous benefits cats could give to people, it would be very beneficial for your child if you are a parent to introduce the care of a pet; it would really lead to your child’s wellness.

Growing up with cats as pets is indeed great for your child. A different experience of learning respect for animals and the importance of affection is also learned. Buying cats as gift-pets would really make your child happy. When you do this, you would be able to give your child something not temporary. 

When you are looking for tips on how to bring out the best between your child and the pet, this article is so helpful. 

- Show to your child the proper way of handling cats. Kids could be very excited and may be they will not be able to handle the cat well. Your role is to teach him proper way of caring the cat. With this, you would not only teach him or her concern for animals but beyond.

- Be a guide especially if it is your child’s first time to have a pet. Explain to your child why a new pet acts so aloof so that he or she would understand.

- Tell your child some facts about cats. This way could make your child understand what some important facts about cats are; this would let their care for their pets become well. 

- Do not encourage your child to have rough play with the cats. This would be entailing risk. Cats may find this hostile; it may use its paws and other parts of the body that may hurt your child. Introduce the use of cat toys for they are better than playing roughly with your cat.

- Let your child understand what the importance of sleeping is and how he could help in giving this to his pet. 

- Remind your child the importance of not letting the cats stay inside homes. To keep their pets safe, it is a must that your child learns how to protect the cat from any untoward incident.

These are things you have to remember about building and keeping relationship with a possible source of emotional growth.(red)

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Taking Care Of Cats

Taking Care Of Cats

These days, cats are among the most popular pet you can own.  There are several breeds available, with the most popular being Persian and Siamese.  Cats are a domesticated animal, with origins dating back some 8,000 years and beyond. Like any other pet that you may own, including dogs, cats cost money to take care of properly.

When you get a cat, you’ll need to think about the costs.  You’ll obviously need food, and you’ll also need to plan ahead for vet costs.  You’ll also need litter, which can tend to get quite expensive as the years go by.  Your cat will need a litter box, food dish, and water dish.  You should also invest in some toys as well, such as a scratching post, cat toys, a pet carrier, and a bed.  You should also look into getting an ID collar as well, just in case your cat ever gets lost.

Feeding your pet will depend a great deal on his age.  Older cats require two small meals or one large meal for the day.  Kittens on the other hand, require several feedings a day until they get around the age of 12 weeks.  Cats that are between three and six months of age need to be fed three times a day.  Canned food can be fed to cats, although any food that has been left out longer than 30 minutes need to be disposed of.  Canned food can get expensive fast, and you should always keep in mind that some may need to be thrown away when you buy it.  Cats loved canned food, although it doesn’t have any benefits to their dental health like dry food does.

As an alternative plan, you can always leave a supply of dry food out for your pet.  When you give your cat dry food, you should always make sure that he has enough water.  Dry food costs less than canned food, and it can also help to prevent the buildup of tartar on your cat’s teeth.  When you buy dry food, you should always look in terms of health and benefits, and stay away from generic food.  Even though generic food may be cheaper, it may not offer the nutrients your pet needs.

If you own a kitten, you should only give you kitten food designed for him.  You’ll also need to clean and refill his water dish every day.  Even though kittens and adult cats like cow’s milk, you should avoid giving it to them as it can cause diarrhea.  Treats are fine on occasion, although too many of them can cause your pet to get fat.  Feeding your kitten human food is good on occasion, although you may have to mix it in with his cat food.

By themselves, cats stay fairly clean.  Although you don’t have to bathe them that often, you’ll need to give them a brushing at least once a day.  Brushing will reduce the risk of hairballs and keep your cat’s coat nice and clean.  If you are keeping your cat indoors, you’ll need to have a litter box in an area that is easy for your cat to access.  You should always scoop it on a daily basis, and clean it out once a week.  Cats don’t like to use dirty litter boxes, they prefer for it to be nice and clean.

Although cats do require some work, they are great pets that will provide you with years and years of companionship.  As long as you take care of your cat and take him to the vet for his checkups, he should remain healthy.  Even though cats can get sick from time to time – knowing how to care for him will make a world of difference.(red)

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Smooth Sailing Surgeries for your Cat

Smooth Sailing Surgeries for your Cat

If your cat needs surgery, for whatever reason, there are multiple steps you can take to help your cat with this process. There are three main classifications of surgeries. First, elective surgeries are those that you choose to have done, but that do not have to be done. Spaying and neutering fall into this category. 

The second kind of surgery is called non-elective, and these are surgeries which have to be done for your cat’s survival, but which you schedule. Lastly, there are emergency surgeries, that are done quickly and as your pet needs them, such as if your cat is hit by a car. If your cat is having elective or not elective surgery, there are ways to prepare for this, and if your cat is recovering from any type of surgery, you can do certain things in your home to make this easier. 

First and foremost, when your cat is going to have surgery, it is usually best for this to happen when your cat has an empty stomach, unless your vet indicates otherwise. The most common response to the anesthetics used is vomiting, so your cat will have fewer problems if his or her stomach has no food in it. 

If you deny your pet food for about 12 hours before the surgery, most of the food in the stomach will be gone. In most cases, your cat having access to water is fine. If you have other pets in the house, you may need to confine your cat to one room so that he or she doesn’t eat from other dishes, or you may need to withhold food from all of your pets. 

When your kitty goes into surgery, remember that any number of things may go wrong. You’ll be responsible for the vet bill, even if it is higher than the estimate. After the surgery, it may take a day or even longer for your cat to be awake and functioning. You may also be looking at a few days—sometimes more—in the vet hospital for recovery. You should visit during the hours allowed, and volunteer to help feed or care for your cat. This will let your cat know that you have not abandoned him or her. 

When you bring your cat home, follow all instructions completely. Your cat may need multiple medications daily or a special diet. Your cat may also not be allowed outside for a certain amount of time. For cats with any kind of incision, assume this to be at least a week or two, which may be difficult if your cat is used to going outside often. 

If your cat’s fur had to be clipped or shaved, keep in mind that he or she is probably colder than normal, so it may be a good idea to provide extra blankets warmed in the dryer or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Remember, your other cats will need attention too. By making sure that your house is safe and loving, you can keep all of your cats happy after surgery.(red)

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Spotted Cat Breeds

Spotted Cat Breeds

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would 

care to consider something a little bit different:


The Ocicat were named after the Ocelot wildcat that is found from southwestern Texas south to northern Argentina. The Ocicat, however, does not have any Ocelot blood in them. They are entirely domestic bred. The first Ocicat was produced as a happy accident in the early 1960s by breeder Virginia Daly who was was trying to breed a Siamese cat with Abyssinian colored points. She did reach her goal, but in her second litter she found a cream colored male with golden spots and copper colored eyes. She named him Tonga. Her daughter called him Ocicat because he reminded her of a baby Ocelot. Tonga was later sold as a pet and neutered.

Fortunately, the same breeding pair that produced Tonga later produced a second spotted male. His name was Dalai Dotson who became the foundation for the Ocicat breed. The first Ocicat, Tonga, was exhibited at a cat show in 1965. The Ocicat registry was established in 1966. The Ocicat was so striking and unique that other breeders were 

attracted and joined Daley in establishing this beautiful breed. The breeder continued to focus ion Abyssinians and Siamese for their foundation stock, but some American Shorthair was introduced as well. The American Shorthair bloodlines introduced a beautiful silver color to the ocicat.

Ocicats are very lively and intelligent. They are also great talkers. They are loyal and loving and tend to bond strongly to one person. Ocicats are very intelligent and will make up new tricks to entertain themselves. Most of them know how to fetch. Ocicats are another breed that doesn't like to be alone for long. Again, a feline companion will be ideal for keeping your Ocicat happy.

The Bengal

Unlike the Ocicat, the Bengal has wild ancestry. The Bengal was produced by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat, a small wildcat with domestic shorthaired cats. The name Bengal was derived from the Asian Leopard Cats Latin name, Felis bengalensis. It took the original breeder Jean Mill, several generations to produce a beautiful cat with 

domestic and predictable personalities. 

In 1985 Mill showed her cats for the first time. There was some controversy over the new cats. Some people felt it was unwise cross wild cats with domestics since many wildcats are threatened species. Most people, however, were very taken with the beautiful new cats. Mill was able to recreate a number of new Bengal breeders.

The modern Bengal is a wildly beautiful cat with an affectionate personality and great energy. Bengals form strong bonds with their owners and become faithful and affectionate companions for life. Bengals love to climb and will do so given any opportunity. 

You will routinely find them on top of bookcases, doors and dressers. They are very curious and will rearrange the contents of any drawer the find open. Bengals are playful well into old age and will pounce an anything that moves. From their Asian ancestors, these cats inherited a love of water. Some will even join you for a swim in the 

pool or hot tub. 

These very unusual cats are not everyone's' cup of tea. Give these very different cats a closer look. Their unique appearances and lively personalities might just make a great pet.  These cats may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.(red)

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Stopping Your Cat From Spraying

Stopping Your Cat From Spraying

Spraying is a behavior in cats, mainly males, which many owners confuse with urinating outside the litter box.  The difference between the two is that a cat will urinate on a flat horizontal surface.  Spraying is most often done on a vertical surface.  Female cats will spray on horizontal surfaces, but it is rare.

The primary reason a cat sprays is because felines are very territorial animals and like to mark their turf by spraying urine to let other cats know who owns that little piece of the world. If you notice things being marked near windows or screen doors where your cat can see outside it’s a pretty good chance there is a cat hanging around your house or passing by frequently.

Many times a cat will spray because of psychological problems such as anxiety, stress or a feeling of being threatened by something or someone. If personal items are being sprayed it is usually a sign that your cat has some issues with the person. The addition of a new cat or even having too many cats for the size of your house can cause spraying problems.

If the cat is put into a stressful situation like someone new moving in (a new baby) or being introduced into a new living environment they might feel the need to spray.

 By taking time to examine the events going on in your cat’s life, you may be able to eliminate this behavior.  There are products sold at pet stores that contain odors only your cat can smell.  These are designed to comfort your cat.  

Another thing that often eliminates spraying behavior is to have your cat neutered.  In most cases, this is the most effective method as it alleviates the territorial instinct in your cat.  This is yet one more argument for neutering.(red)

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Socializing Kittens

Socializing Kittens

Socializing kittens is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of raising cats. Introducing them to people will make a huge impact on their lives. Even if they are barn cats and never leave the farm they were born on. Being friendly and relaxed with people will improve the quality of their lives. It will make it easier to find new homes for them when it is time for them to move on. It will also make having them more pleasurable for their owners. 

Socializing is not only enjoyable, it is very important. Before a kitten is ready to leave home she should have learned that people are good to have around. Petting, playing and good food all happen with people. Purring, not hissing brings these good things her way. Fortunately, cats are smart and observant creatures. It is really very easy to instill this attitude in a kitten. It just takes a little bit of patience and perseverance on your part.

The socialization process can begin even before a kitten has opened her eyes. Pick her up and pet gently for a few moments then set her back down where she was. Your motions should be slow and gentle and your voice soft. Handle the kittens daily if you can. The mother will generally allow your attention to her kittens, especially if you give her petting and attention first. If she doesn't like your interest in her kittens, or if she has 

hidden her litter somewhere so that you can't find them right away, don't worry. You can begin the socialization process later when they are a little more independent and still get great results.

As the kittens get older and start to toddle around under their own power, continue to regularly pick them up and pet them. Playing with them can also begin now. Slowly dragging a string will catch any kittens' attention. Continue these sessions on a daily basis. You really don't have to make a big issue of it. Just go over to the kittens at odd times of the day, whenever you have a moment. Be sure that each kitten in the litter gets some attention. 

Introducing the kittens to children and other adults is a good idea. Expand their definition of people to be more than just you. Remind the children that the kittens are just babies and need to be handled ever so gently. Always supervise children around pets until they understand how to handle them properly.

By the time the kittens are old enough to leave for their new homes they should be relaxed and happy around people. Purring happily when they are petted and reasonably patient when picked up. If the kittens are to be indoor cats, then they should be introduced to litter boxes and scratching pads or trees. A first visit to the veterinarian should be accomplished in a calm sensible fashion that will not alarm your kittens. 

If your kittens are young enough on their first visit, bring the entire litter along with their mother in a carrier. It will reduce stress on both the kittens and their mother. This may seem like a lot of extra effort but it will be worth it. What will be your reward for all of your work? Your reward will be a well socialized kitten that will be a joy to her new owner.(red)

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Cosmos and Psyche

Cosmos and Psyche

Seru TV - According to Richard Tarnas, who also wrote of The Passion of the Western Mind, history is on the verge of a major shift, comparable to the one wrought by Copernicus and Galileo, but a seemingly antiscientific one: an astrological turn that can only be understood thorough chronicling planetary alignments as they correlate to the rise of the modern mind over the last 500 years. Understanding planetary alignments, for Tarnas, is crucial to the world's future and requires a genuine dialogue with the cosmos, by opening ourselves more fully to the other, to ancient and indigenous epistemologies, even to other forms of life, other modes of the universe's self-disclosure. 

The book is filled with philosophical, religious, literary and scientific thinking ranging from Luther and Kepler through Hemingway and even Hitchcock and Dylan. Reading it will require a strong background in the history of modern thought, an advanced knowledge of astrology, a willingness to withhold skepticism about the role of planetary alignments of the past in understanding life today and the avoidance of imminent world catastrophe. Tarnas's call to redefine what we consider as legitimate knowledge will resonate in some sectors, but it will be a tough sell with the more scientifically hardheaded. 

In terms of planetary cycles, our present condition in history is most comparable to the period five hundred years ago—that era of extraordinary turbulence and creativity, the High Renaissance. Not since Copernicus conceived the heliocentric theory has the human community faced such a profound realignment of the way we think. 

Perhaps it’s time for us to move back to the philosophy that man is part of the universe, not placed here to conquer it. Just as we’re finding some older medical procedures, such as the use of leeches, to have value today, perhaps we should open our minds to the distinct possibility that astrological forces can be a powerful influence on our lives.(red)

Skin Disorders in Cats

Skin Disorders in Cats

Most cats are covered with a thick, protective fur. This makes it extremely difficult to tell if a cat has a skin problem before it becomes extreme. It is important to take time on a regular basis to examine your cat’s skin closely for anything that may be wrong.

Run your hand gently over his body and explore the skin for any unusual patches. If you find any, part the fur by brushing it slightly, so that you can see beneath the fur and have a better look at the skin. If you do this often enough and understand your cat’s body, you should be able to spot any irregularity easily. You will learn to know what looks normal and what doesn’t.

Cheyletiellosis  is a skin disorder in cats icaused by skin mites and is particularly contagious between cats as well as humans. In cats, the symptoms are itching and it usually results in heavy scaling and flaking of the skin, which is why Cheyletiellosis in cats is often known as “walking dandruff”. This skin condition is usually not deadly and can be easily treated with the right medication once the condition has been diagnosed and confirm.

Alopecia is a skin disorder in cats that will cause hair loss due to endocrine disturbances, localized infections, or generalized illnesses. The condition can also be a result of stress. The symptoms included bald patches on the skin and can be accompanied by reddened or inflamed skin. Not a deadly skin disease, and with proper treatment, the fur would most likely grow back.  

While most skin conditions are cause by allergies to food and pesticides bite, and can be easily managed and treated, early detection is still important.  A few minutes each day could very well prevent days of discomfort later.(red)

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Cat Breeds: American Shorthair

Cat Breeds: American Shorthair

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would 

care to consider:

The American Shorthair

Originally known as the Domestic Shorthair, the American Shorthair is truly America's cat. The Shorthairs' ancestors came to America from Europe with the early settlers. Records show that the famous Mayflower had several working cats aboard her on her famous voyage to the new world. Also, written records exist that mention the cats that lived with the colonists at Jamestown in 1609. These cats were working members of their communities and valued for their contributions to the well being of these early settlements. Ever since that time, this breed has patrolled farms and stables for mice and rats all over the country. 

In the early 20th century, foreign breeds arriving on these shores threatened the distinctive look and temperament of the native shorthair breed. Admirers of the American Shorthair began acquire the finest examples of the breed that they could find. 

They set up selective breeding programs based on these individuals to preserve this beautiful and unique breed of cats. The breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) in 1904 as one of its first five breeds. The very first registered American Shorthair was named Buster Brown. In 1966 the breed registry changed its name from Domestic Shorthair to American Shorthair. The move was made to accentuate it all American heritage and to distinguish it from other shorthair breeds.

The American Shorthair is famous for its amiable temperament. Its' quiet disposition toward children and dogs has made the American Shorthair a family favorite for many years. This breed tends to be of moderate to large size, healthy, strong, well balance and long-lived. They are independent, lively, playful cats that retain their 

playfulness well into old age. The American Shorthair routinely is found in published lists of the top ten most popular cats.

The American shorthair is an extraordinarily beautiful breed and comes in over eighty recognized colors and patterns: solid colors, shaded colors, smokes, tabbies, particolors and bicolors. One of the most beautiful color patterns is the silver tabby. The silver tabby has dense black tiger type stripes over a clear silvery background. It way or may not have white markings as well. So popular is this color pattern that more than one third of all American Shorthairs are now silver tabby. This color is so striking that cats that have it are often used in advertising or in the movies. The second most popular color for American Shorthairs is brown tabby. A brown tabby has black tiger markings over a brown background.

The American Shorthair cat is a sturdy American original with winning ways and comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Give the American Shorthair a closer look. A gentle, loving, loyal companion and also a fierce mouse hunter, the American Shorthair can and has filled many roles over the years. This cat may be exactly what you are 

looking for in a new companion.(red)

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Cat Breeds: The Siamese

Cat Breeds: The Siamese

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would 

care to consider:

The Siamese

Famous in songs and movies, the Siamese cat was the Royal Cat of Siam. Though their origins are uncertain, they were the companions of royalty and priests for centuries. The cat was so highly valued that it was rarely given to outsiders. Siamese were first exhibited at the famous 1871 London Cat Show at the Crystal Palace. People fell in love with the new breed. Despite the difficulty in importing these highly valued cats, they became wildly popular in Britain. The Siamese arrived in America in about 1890 and quickly gained favor with cat fanciers here.

The Siamese cat is a real character. They are extremely lively, friendly, and intelligent and they are very attached to their people. A Siamese cat is constantly in motion. They seem to regard their people as belonging to them instead of the other way around. They develop a lot of unusual skills. Siamese cats have been known to play fetch, walk on a leash and chase dogs. One Siamese learned to play the piano. He sat on the bench in front of the keyboard and used one paw to press each key to make a sound. 

Siamese cats are also real chatterboxes and will talk to you about everything and anything. When they are making a point, a Siamese cats' voice is powerful enough to bend metal.

Siamese cats are sleek and svelte in appearance. Elegant and graceful they have long bodies, long legs, and long tails as well. This breed has become divided into two varieties: the extreme and the traditional. The extreme is a smaller, leaner, lighter animal with males weighing 9 lbs at most and females 7 lbs. The traditional variety is rounder in appearance than the extreme variety though still retaining the breeds' oriental elegance. The traditional variety, also called the Old Style or Applehead is larger in size than the extreme variety, with males up to 15 lbs and females up to 12 lbs. 

Siamese are famous for their large, almond shaped blue eyes. The coat is short, fine textured, silky and glossy. It lies close to the cats' body. However, the truly defining feature of the Siamese coat is its color. There are four main colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. There is also one pattern called colorpoint. The points of the body, the ears, face, legs and tail are more darkly colored than the body. There is a strong contrast between the body color and the points. The color at all the points must be the same. Interestingly, Siamese darken with age. 

The Siamese cat is a breed whose noisy and cheerful ways continue to win peoples admiration and affection every day. Give the Siamese a closer look. The breed is intelligent and very affectionate.  This cats' friendly and confident attitude can make it a highly amusing family pet.  This cat may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.(red)

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Senior Cat Care Symptoms

Senior Cat Care Symptoms

Advances in medicine have increased the mortality rate of humans. You can say that the same goes for animals that just like humans need constant cat care when they reach their senior years. These symptoms vary so you have to be ready. 

Cats reach their senior year or are classified as such when they have lived for 10 to 13 years. You might think that is nothing but one year for a cat is already 5 to 7 human years for them. So, if your cat is 10 years old, he or she is 70 years old?

Chances are, you have probably lost track of how long your cat has been there but a regular checkup with the local veterinarian can tell you if things are beginning to change. 

Samples will then be taken from your cat and everyone will have to wait for the results. These consist of a blood sample, urinalysis and feces. It is here that the doctor can tell if your cat is anemic, has leukemia, is a diabetic, have kidney problems or has worms in the digestive system. 

Aside from the physical, the vet will ask if you have noticed any changes in their activities or behavior. Some of the things often associated with old age that you should be aware of is the loss of sensory perception. This means their senses do not respond that fast anymore even if you try your best to play and train them to keep these sharp. 

Another indicator is when your cat gets into a fight with another cat and there are injuries, the healing time may not be that fast anymore. 

Studies show that one of the first things to wear out in a cat is the kidney as a result of hormone imbalance. If you notice that urine comes out while he sleeps or he urinates more frequently, then there is something wrong. The good news is that this can be treated if this was detected early. 

Senior cats can no longer eat the same high quality diet as they used to in the past. They require specially formulated food that keeps their weight under control and helps reduce the consumption of nutrients that are risk factors in the development of diseases. 

Exercise is another way to keep your cat in shape. This slows down the deterioration that takes place inside their body. Cats don’t play catch like dogs so give them a ball of yarn or some other toy to play with. 

If your cat is in pain and something has to be removed, you have no choice but to let it undergo surgery. You should check with the vet if they will be given anesthesia before hand so they don’t feel anything during the operation. 

Other symptoms you have to be aware of once you cat reaches senior age includes a significant increase or decrease in appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, lameness lasting for more than 5 days in one leg,   a decrease in vision, excessive panting, a seizure, blood in the stool or urine, hair loss, persistent coughing or gagging and breathing heavily or rapidly at rest. 

The second any of the above symptoms occur, you should bring your cat straight to the vet because just like humans who have reached the golden years, senior cats need more attention especially when any of the symptoms are present.(red)

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Seizures and Your Cat

Seizures and Your Cat

There are many reasons why human being experience seizures, which are convulsing fits. However, this medical problem is not subject to affecting only humans. Your cat may also experience seizures. As with any medical condition, you should see your vet is any health problems arise in any of your pets. When you have a cat for a pet, it is important that you are responsible for keeping him or her as healthy and happy as possible. 

Seizures are not always the same in every cat. They can occur at any time, and often have symptoms like loss of consciousness, contractions of the muscles, involuntary bodily functions, non-responsiveness, hallucinations, running in circles, and viciousness. You cat may or may not recognize you if he of she is going to have a seizure or after the seizure occurs. There are three main phases of seizures. In the pre-ictal phase, the cat may “know” a seizure is going to happen. He or she may appear nervous, hide, or find you and cling to you. 

Your cat may also be very nervous and tremble. This may last for up to a few hours, but in some cases, only lasts a few seconds. The ictal phase is the actual seizure. In this phase, the cat usually falls to its side and seems paralyzed. The body shakes uncontrollably and the head sometimes draws backwards. You cat may lose control of bodily functions. Usually this phase will not last more than five minutes, and immediately afterward, he or she enters the post-ictal phase. You cat may experience temporary blindness, confusion, nervousness, and disorientation during this period. 

If your cat has a seizure, do not panic. Unlike humans, cats cannot swallow their tongues, so keep your hands away from his or her mouth at all times. There is nothing you can do to stop the seizure, so simply prevent the cat from falling or otherwise hurting him or herself during the seizure and afterwards. 

Immediately call your vet. In most cases, seizures are caused by epilepsy, which is treatable and usually not damaging to your cat, but other medical conditions may also occur. Your vet can help your cat by doing a physical examination, studying his or her blood and urine, and doing an electrocardiogram to rule out more serious liver, heart, kidney, and blood disease. Your vet can prescribe medications to help prevent future seizures and talk to you about ways to minimize the harm done to your cat during seizures. Even if he or she has seizures, you cat may be able to live  along and healthy life with the proper care.(red)

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When is a Worm not a Worm? Ring Worm and your Cat

When is a Worm not a Worm? Ring Worm and your Cat

Ringworm is a typical skin disease that affects many cats. This medical condition is actually not caused by worms at all, but rather by a fungus. The sores on the skin due to ringworm fungi are circular, which led to the belief at once time that a curling worm under the skin caused this disease. However, there are no worms involved. If you believe that you cat may have ringworm, make sure that you have him or her see a vet to clear the problem.

Ringworm is also called dermatophytosis. There are four species of fungi that cause ringworm in a cat, and because some of these organisms are so well adapted to a cat’s body, about 20% of cats have ringworm and show no outward signs of the disease. Ringworm commonly infected the dead skin, nails, and hair on an organism, using the keratin in the tissue as food.

Both genetics and environment influence the development of ringworm in cats. For example, research has shown that certain cat species develop the disease more readily. Ringworm spreads quickly between cats, so those illegally or even legally breeding cats may find this a problem. Ringworm caused the hair to break off at the skin and may be itchy.

If your cat has ringworm, there are a lot of ways to treat it. First, medications can be given to clear up the fungi found in the body. These may or may not have side effects, so make sure your vet tells you they are safe for your cat. Anti-fungal shampoo baths may also work. These baths should be given every day regularly and are great for cats that don’t mind the water. Lime sulfur dips, done weekly, can also be affective. If you have other pets, they may need to be treated as well to prevent the ringworm from spreading. Vaccines are available to help build an immunization to ringworm. If you cat has extremely long hair, clipping it may be necessary.

Remember, ringworm can infect humans as well as cats, especially children. If your cat has ringworm, or if you suspect this is the case, see your vet immediately. He or she can recommend what course of action you should taken in order to help your cat overcome the ringworm as well as to help the fungi from spreading to other animals and people in your house.(red)

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Raising Kittens

Raising Kittens

Your cat is expecting kittens. How exciting! Raising kittens can be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience. What should you expect? What will you need to make sure the little tikes grow up happy, healthy and strong?

Let's start from day one. Most likely, you walk in and find your cat already nursing her new litter. As there will be a bit of a mess where she is, you will want to move her and her kittens somewhere clean and safe. Mother cats prefer a darkened den, so putting a blanket over her box and lining it with nice clean bedding will do nicely for a nursery. The nursery should be set up in a quiet area, away from traffic. 

Too much noise and light can upset a mother cat and she may try to move her kittens if she doesn't feel 

her they are safe. A sad fact is that sometimes there are one or two dead kittens born along with the live ones. Remove them immediately along with the rest of the birthing mess. The mother will be unlikely to show any interest them.

For the first few days the mother will be constantly with her kittens. They need warmth and frequent feedings at this time which doesn't leave much time for socializing. By the time they are approximately a week old their need for very warm temperatures will begin to reduce. The mother will begin to leave them alone for longer and longer 

periods. They will begin to huddle up together for warmth. If you peek into the nursery and find a ball of kittens sleeping peacefully, rest assured they are doing just fine.

Kittens will sleep nearly all the time for their first two weeks. If the kittens are crying constantly then they are ill or not getting enough milk. Call your vet immediately. Ill or starving kittens can die very quickly without your help. 

Assuming that kittens and mother are all healthy and content, you will need to do very little during the first month. The kittens' care will rest primarily in their mothers' capable paws. Normally, kitten eyes will open in seven to fourteen days. If they stay shut for longer than that call your vet. 

Kittens often get a mild eye infection. The infection results in the eyelids being gummed shut. A cotton ball that has been moistened with warm water should be all you'll need to open the eyes again. If a kitten gets this eye 

infection keep a close on her. The infection could build up behind those glued shut eyelids and damage the eyeball. The infection usually clears up by itself in a few days. If it turns particularly severe, take the kitten to your vet. 

At about one month of age, the kittens should toddle around pretty well and will want to start eating solid food. You may find one of your little tikes standing in his mothers' food dish trying out the food. You will want to put down a plate of a good quality kitten food for them to nibble on. Kitten food is formulated specifically for the 

needs of growing kittens, where adult food is not. Poor nutrition while the kittens are growing could result in health issues when they become adults. The trick will be keeping the mother out of the kitten food. Most adults find kitten food absolutely delicious. 

The first planned visit to the veterinarian for vaccinations should come at about two months of age. By about 3 months of age the kittens should pretty independent and ready to move to their new home if you are planning to sell or give them away. I've given a general overview here. For a normal healthy litter and mother these guidelines should serve you well. If there are any issues, rely on your vet to let you know the best thing to 

do in any situation. Enjoy your kittens while they are with you. They grow up so amazingly fast!(red)

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Claudius Ptolemy Astrology

Claudius Ptolemy Astrology

Seru TV - The astronomer Claudius Ptolemy lived from approximately 100-170 CE. Very little is known of him, including where he was born. Claudius means citizen of Rome, while Ptolemy means resident of Egypt. Some sources indicate that he was a citizen of Rome, others that he lived in Alexandria, Egypt. 

He was also a mathematician, geographer and astrologer. In a way, he was to his era what Leonardo da Vinci was to the Renaissance. While many of Claudius Ptolemy’s work has been refuted, his treatises on astronomy, astrology, geography and music were the foundations from which subsequent scientists built their theories. 

The Ptolemaic system of the universe became the dominant cosmological model for centuries thereafter, and was not displaced until the seventeenth century by Kepler and Copernicus. 

Modern astrologers consider Ptolemy as the author of one of the oldest complete manuals of astrology, - the Tetrabiblos (Greek) meaning Four Books. Although we know Ptolemy did not invent his methods of astrology we recognize his contribution as being one of orchestrating the mass of Eastern star lore into an organized and reasoned exposition. The Tetrabiblos offered a detailed explanation of the philosophical framework of astrology, enabling its practitioners to answer critics on scientific as well as religious grounds.

As a leading intellectual of his day, Ptolemy's patronage and approval of astrology added to its academic respectability. By preserving its credibility as a science as well as an art, he safeguarded its practice during the medieval period when many other occult studies were persecuted on religious grounds. He spoke of astrology with authority and lucidity, establishing the Tetrabiblos as the definitive reference for astrological students. It was used extensively by Arabic scholars, who regarded Ptolemy as the final word on the subject, and later by European ones when it was translated back into Latin in the 12th century.(red)

Household Poisons to your Cat

Household Poisons to your Cat

If you seek to provide the best living environment possible for your furry feline friend, it is important to know about the different household items that could poison your cat. Remember, your cat cannot resist tasty-smelling or unusual substances, nor can he or she tell you what was ingested to make him or her feel badly. Therefore, know which items you own could hurt your pet and keep these items securely in cabinets and other places your cat cannot access. If possible, keep these items out of your home altogether.

First, many homes have bleach products. You’ll find bleach and Clorox mainly in the laundry room or in other cleaning supplies; however, you can also find bleach products in swimming pool supplies. In generally, household bleaches are fairly mild. Although they will make your cat feel ill, most animals are smart enough to not drink enough to kill. Signs that your cat may have drunk a bleach product include excess drooling, vomiting, and abdominal pain. If your cat seems to be in pain, smell his or her fur if possible to detect the scent of the bleach. In general, call you vet and have your cat drink large quantities of milk or water if you possibly can. Monitor your cat for bloody vomit and difficulty breathing, and wash the paws and mouth area thoroughly.

Mothballs and other products containing naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene can also make your cat sick. Ingesting this substance can cause live damage and seizures. Symptoms include vomiting, seizures, blue or brown colored gums, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. If you cat has eaten mothballs or items like toilet bowl cleaner or bathroom deodorizer, call your vet immediately.

Citrus oils, which are found in shampoo, insect repellent, fragrances, and insecticide are very harmful to cats as well. Although these items can harm all pets, cats are more sensitive than dogs and if you treat a cat with dog products, the result could kill your pet. Signs that your cat has ingested citrus oils include that common citrus smell, drolling, falling, trembling, and weakness. Eventually, liver damage occurs, and many cats experience liver failure, resulting in death. If your cat is treated, the prognosis is good, but left untreated, this poison could be deadly.

Therefore, it is simply important to call your vet if you see anything wrong with your cat at all. Cats are creatures of habit, so if your feline seems to be acting strangely, it is best to schedule an appointment. Do what’s best for your pet and try to keep harmful products in places where they can’t be reached.(red)

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Coaxing Kitty to Swallow: Administering Pills

Coaxing Kitty to Swallow: Administering Pills

If your cat s sick, there are many things that you can do to help him or her regain health. A vet will be able to explain to you all of the treatment options available. Sometimes, this means administering medications to your pet, and pills can be especially difficult to get your cat to eat. In fact, many pet owners think that their cat has eaten a pill, but they later find it on the floor or in the food bowl! There are many ways you can ensure that your kitty is swallowing all of the proper medications in order to heal as quickly as possible. 

Remember, no matter how old your cat gets, you’ll never be able to explain to him or her that a pill is the first step to feeling better. Therefore, in order to teach a cat the importance of pets, you must teach a pet to be nonresistant to pills—or things that look like pills! Many cat treats that you purchase are actually in a similar size to pills and can be given to your cat regularly to get him or her used to pills. That way, if your cat ever needs pills, he or she will not resist. When you do this, give your cat the pill, and then immediately give your cat the pill-shaped treat. 

If your cat has not had pills before, don’t worry—you can still get them into your cat’s system. Most cats will not resist pills at first if they do not know what they are. Start with the pill-shaped treats—cat chocolate is a good place to start. You can feed the cat a few of these pill-like treats, and then the real pill. Follow up with the treats once again.

You can also hide the pill so that the animal swallows it without realizing what he or she is doing. Push your cat’s pill into a chocolate treat that is made for cats (never you chocolate made for humans), or talk to your vet about other appropriate ways to cover the pill. Some people coat the pill in butter. Make sure, however, that your cat can have the pill with food. In some cases, your cat needs the medication on an empty stomach. 

If your cat still won’t swallow the pill, you can also push the pill down his or her throat. This may seem a bit cruel, but if your pet needs the medication, it is the best choice. You can purchase pill pushers, but it is usually more convenient and effective if you do it by hand. Your vet can demonstrate how to push up on your pet’s mouth to insert the pill without getting bit. Stroke the cat’s throat and insert some water into the cat’s mouth to make him or her swallow. Pills and medication are very important to your pet, so make sure that your pet is getting them to stay healthy.(red)

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Pet cats against AIDS and others

Pet cats against AIDS and others

With no specific cure for your ailment, no idea if when is the end, not many people who are willing to get close to you, no more time to be guilty then and now… 

These are just some of the many uncertainties and pain a person with AIDS, HIV or any other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease). As a kind of sickness which the society feels less acceptable, any person who has it, no matter how callous he or she may be will really feel lonesome. According to a study published in the April 1999 journal AIDS Care, those who own pets such as cats are also less likely to suffer from depression, even as symptoms from this frightening disease become more severe

This feeling of solitude and helplessness will just worsen things. At this point of their lives, they need to be stress-free, guilt-free and so forth. Moreover, they must feel happy, accepted and loved. Being in their situation is difficult. If they do not find means of recreation, they would feel so much depression and anxiety. Thus, health hazards would be so strong to overcome.

Companionship and consistency are among the wonderful things pets could give AIDS or HIV patients and victims. These animals provide them pleasure, love, attention emotions which they cannot freely have from others due to the negative social stigma we have around. "The benefits of pet ownership especially these affectionate cats, are real -- physically, mentally and psychosocially," confirms Dr. Daniel Joffe, a Calgary veterinarian who specializes in companion animals. People need companion. If in the absence of a good friend or a loved-one, pets are the purest source of joy. 

We do not have to insert coins just to be entertained. For animal-assisted therapy patients, they do not have to stay in bed, shedding all those tears at all times. As a medium of social interaction, pets help one patient feel better by easily linking him with other patients. Interacting with one another is not merely a way of meeting somebody who has the same situations like yours. Indeed, it helps you feel that you are not alone and that someone else could understand where you are coming from. A friendship may bloom and few know that friendships provide a lot of remedies to even deep pains beyond the treatment of chemicals.

Long time ago, pets such as cats graced our homes and we felt happy. Today, they grace hospitals and asylums: we feel safe and sane. We must consider them as blessings. Thus, encourage the rest of the world to take care of animals. The world needs them. We need them.(red)

Rabu, 27 April 2022

Pet Cat Care & Health

Pet Cat Care & Health

Proper pet cat care and is the only means of preserving its health. If you fail, your feline friend will get sick and die. Surely, you don’t want to happen so you should practice the ways of making this happen. 

When you get a cat, it has probably had already one vaccination. If you are not sure, ask the seller about this and the documents to prove it so you need to bring this every time you go to the vet. 

Most of the vaccinations given to the cat are injected into their system. There are usually some side effects that go with it like flue like symptoms or fatigue. If it lasts longer than expected, bring your cat back to the vet. 

Cats also encounter ticks and fleas. You can remove them by hand and shampoo them. But if you want to hit two birds with one stone, tell your doctor to give your feline friend a microchip. The device inserted into their skin has a dual purpose. First, it makes your cat easy to identify if it leaves the house. Second, it is a coated with a chemical that acts as a tick and flea repellant. 

Proper cat care also involves giving them the right amount of nutrients. Unlike humans that need carbohydrates, protein and fats, they only need only protein that comes from poultry meat or fish products. 

These are available in can or in pellet form. So your cat does not get sick and tired of eating the same thing everyday, make changes from time to time or even mix it.

If you think that the food you are not giving is not enough, you can also give it some food supplements. You can buy these off the counter and the best ones to get are those that contain Omega 3 fatty acids and Taurine. 

Cats also need a bath. When you do this, make sure that they are comfortably in the tub that has lukewarm water.  If it tries to escape, hold it gently on the neck. The shampoo you will be using on the cat should be the kind designed for them exclusively. Before you apply it, put lubricating eye ointment to their eyes to prevent irritations caused by the shampoo. After bathing the cat, dry it with a towel and comb the hairs to prevent entanglements. 

Your cat will probably roam free in the house. They may not chew on wires but they may eat things that are left out in the open. To prevent this from happening, make sure no junk is left on the floor or on the table and that all cabinets are secured.  

There is only so much you can do as the owner. When it comes to vaccinations and health related problems, make sure that this is handled by the vet. Be ready to answer any questions that are asked about the cat because this information is important in knowing the condition of your pet. 

Taking care of your pet cat is a huge responsibility because their health rests solely in your hands. By practicing what was mentioned above, you will be able to spend many years with it by your side.

You might even want to add another cat later on just make sure they get acquainted first and there is no favoritism so no one feels jealous.(red)

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Care for Pet Cats

Care for Pet Cats

Pet cat care should be your responsibility if you have your pet cat at home. Knowing if you have a healthy cat would require that you know how to observe how your cat looks. You should be able to judge if your cat is too thin or too fat. The best thing to do it is to observe your pet cat and see how it looks.

When examining your cat, you may be able to see the telltale signs if it is either too thin or too heavy. Your pet cat may be too thin if the ribs are obviously visible on your short haired cat. The ribs may show or you may be able to feel it on a thick haired cat with seemingly no palpable fat anywhere. You may also observe some slight abdominal tuck as well as no visible fat on your pet.

A cat that is too heavy may have their ribs not easily obvious that may be covered by excess fat. If you observe your cat, you may notice that it might not have a visible waist that has become rounded with excess fat. Your cat would seem rounded with the prominent abdominal fat as well as with fat deposits over the back area. This would be one of the signs that your cat may be overweight.

One of the solutions to problems concerning your pet cat's weight would be the proper feeding regimen that you cat goes through. It is important that, as a pet owner, you will know the right proportion of food to give to your pet cat. At different points of their life, your pet cat would require different nutritional needs and therefore a varied feeding program.

When you have a pet kitten, you should know that they require twice as much energy per pound of their body weight as compared to a mature cat. Kittens need to be weaned for about the first six to eight weeks of their life and then they can be given a regular diet composed of a well balanced food that will ensure proper growth. Kittens should be fed three top four times a day with a source of clean water always made available for them at all times. This regimen is to help provide the cat's nutritional needs during its rapid growth.

After seven months to one year, you may now need to bring down feeding your cat to just twice a day. But this should be seen on an individual basis. The amount that you would eventually feed would depend on the level of activity and body condition of your cat. Your vet can assess and would be able to provide you with the right diet to provide for your pet cat. 

When you have an adult cat that go through just the normal day to day activity, diet wold be to maintain that type of feline lifestyle. At this time, a cat food that is well-balanced for maintenance of cats in all life stages may already be used. Be also aware that cats are occasional eaters.

They do not seem to finish up their food at just one sitting. You may observe them to eat a bit of the food you serve but never seem to finish them. They usually try to eat at various times of the day when they feel like it.

For this reason, you might need to provide all-day access to food for your cat along with a clean source of water supply.(red)

Senin, 25 April 2022

Cat Breeds: Persian

Cat Breeds: Persian

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would care to consider:

The Persian

A very ancient breed of cat, the Persian was first mentioned in hieroglyphs beginning at approximately 1684 B.C. The Persians' beginnings have long been lost to time. The Persian was so named for their ostensible country of origin, the great ancient empire of Persia which was located in around the modern country of Iran. The first 

known Persian cats to arrive in Europe were brought by an Italian traveler, Pietro della Valle, in the 1600s. Persians became very popular throughout Europe.

At the first modern cat show, held in 1871 in London at the Crystal Palace, Persians were a featured breed. The show at the Crystal Palace, and the others that followed, served only to increase the popularity of this already very popular breed. Queen Victoria herself adored blue Persians.

Persians are a wildly popular breed. They are, in fact, the most popular breed of cat on the planet. Their long flowing coats and sweet faces immediately endear them to so many people. Their personalities are gentle and affectionate. They are strong creatures of habit and are most comfortable in secure environments with regular routines, but with gentle support, they can adapt to a more lively environment if need be. 

Persians are soft spoken cats with pleasant and melodious voices that many people enjoy. Their expressive eyes charm people of all ages. Persians are built long and low with sturdy short legs. They are not big jumpers but do enjoy lounging in their favorite strategic locations. They can often be found beautifully draped on a sunny windowsill posing for sheer pleasure of it. Friendly cats, Persians will seek attention, but not demand it. Persians have long been a fixture in artwork. Their great beauty has earned them frequent roles in commercial advertising and in movies.

Persians need to be kept indoors, away from dirt and burrs that could knot up those beautiful coats. Daily combing is a must to prevent snarled fur and hairballs. Those huge beautiful eyes do tend to do a bit of tearing. Washing a Persians' face daily will take care of tearing. A well bred Persian can be hearty and healthy. When properly cared for, Persians can live to be 15 years old. 

The Persian is an extraordinarily beautiful breed and comes in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. The registry divides their colors into seven categories: solid color division, silver and gold division, shaded and smoke division, tabby division, particolor division, bicolor division and Himalayan division. Each color and pattern exquisitely beautiful.

The Persian cat is an ancient breed whose winning ways continue to charm people to this day. They appear in a rainbow of colors and patterns, one of which is sure to catch your eye. Give the Persian cat a closer look. The Persian has long been a gentle, loving, loyal companion to many people over the years. This cat may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.(red)

Minggu, 24 April 2022

Recognizing and Treating Over-grooming

Recognizing and Treating Over-grooming

There are a number of medical conditions in cats that may seem like they don’t really harm the cat, but in actuality, they can really take a toll on a cat’s health. One such disorder is over-grooming, which is a stress-related condition that can be compared to obsessive-compulsive disorders in humans. Over-grooming can be very dangerous, so if you see symptoms of this disorder in your cat, talk to your vet right away to find out what you can do to help.

Over-grooming usually starts when there has been a big change in your cat’s life, such as a new baby or pet in the house or a move. Cats naturally groom themselves often, and this activity is like a massage that cats love to do. Therefore, if your cat is stressed out about a change in his or her life, your cat may groom as an attempt to remain calm. Over-grooming takes place with the cat excessively licks or pulls out fur, resulting in bald spots. Commonly, the areas affected by over-grooming at the inner thighs and forelegs.

If you see bald spots on your cat, your first step is to call your vet and schedule an appointment. There are, in fact, over things that cause balding in a cat, and these other medical conditions can become quickly fatal if left untreated. Thyroid problems, allergies, fleas, mites, ringworm, and bacterial pyoderma can all cause bald patches in the fur, which your vet can examine to diagnose your pet.

If your cat is suffering from over-grooming, there are a number of things you can do to her him or her heal. First, identify what has triggered this reaction in your pet and eliminate this if possible. However, this may not help, as the cat’s behavior may be a habit by now. Try to take your cat’s mind off of grooming by regular play and stimuli. Consider a cat video or a fish tank, which can entertain your cat when you have to leave for more than an hour, and when possible, bring your cat wherever you are going.

You vet can also recommend certain medications to help your cat stop over-grooming. Anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications could do the trick, and your vet can help you learn positive reactions for your cat when you she that he or she is over-grooming. Together, you, your vet, and your cat can put an end to your cat’s health problems.(red)

Sabtu, 23 April 2022

Chinese Lunar Calendar Astrology

Chinese Lunar Calendar Astrology

Seru TV - Prior to adoption of the Western solar calendar system, China exclusively followed a lunar calendar in determining the times of planting, harvesting, and festival occasions. Though today people in China use the western calendar for most practical matters of daily life, the old system still serves as the basis for determining numerous seasonal holidays. This coexistence of two calendar systems has long been accepted by the people of China. 

A lunar month is determined by the period required for the moon to complete its full cycle of 29 and a half days, a standard that makes the lunar year a full 11 days shorter than its solar counterpart. This difference is made up every 19 years by the addition of seven lunar months. The 12 lunar months are further divided into 24 solar divisions distinguished by the four seasons and times of heat and cold, all bearing close relationship to the yearly cycle of agricultural work. 

The Chinese calendar - like the Hebrew - is a combined solar/lunar calendar in that it strives to have its years coincide with the tropical year and its months coincide with the synodic months. It is not surprising that a few similarities exist between the Chinese and the Hebrew calendar: An ordinary year has 12 months, a leap year has 13 months. An ordinary year has 353, 354, or 355 days, a leap year has 383, 384, or 385 days. When determining what a Chinese year looks like, one must make a number of astronomical calculations: 

First, determine the dates for the new moons. Here, a new moon is the completely black moon (that is, when the moon is in conjunction with the sun), not the first visible crescent used in the Islamic and Hebrew calendars. The date of a new moon is the first day of a new month.(red)

Naming Your Cat

Naming Your Cat

With all apologies to T.S. Eliot, the naming of cats is not all that delicate a matter. But some thought should certainly be given to it. Giving the cat a foolish or ugly name on the spur of the moment because it sounds funny is no way to start a relationship. 

It encourages a careless and disrespectful attitude toward the cat not only in yourself, but in other people as well. A bad name encourages a bad attitude toward the cat. Fortunately, coming up with a good name can be fun and there are endless possibilities for ideas.

One very popular way for finding a good name is to look up the names of stars, galaxies or constellations. You don't have to stick with just the major ones. Look up some of the minor constellations and stars as well. You could find just the perfect name in a constellation you had previously never heard of. You too may find you have a 

Dorado or Indus on your hands. 

Another popular means of naming cats is using human names. Matilda, Annie, Pete and Bobby are all quite popular. Some people name their cats after movie stars or characters in a favorite film or book. I'm certain that at this very moment, there are a large number of Frodos purring contentedly on their favorite windowsill right now.

Another good way to name a cat is by using something in their appearance to name them. Many calico colored cats have been simply named Calico. Spotted cats of any color frequently have the name of Patch. One cat was named Shadow because her black and tan tiger stripes seemed to melt into the late afternoon shadows the first time 

her new owner saw her. A gray kitten was quite suitably named Ash.Sometimes it is something the cat did that suggested their name. One kitten had a habit of scaring himself silly. When he and his siblings first learned to climb trees, he became over excited and rushed up higher than he was brave enough to climb down from. The poor little gay clung to a branch crying at the top of his lungs while the adult cats rushed around trying figure out a way to get him down. 

It only required a stool to retrieve the little guy, but he was sure he was stuck halfway to the moon. Another time he managed to get his head stuck between the slats on an old corn crib. He was safely rescued after considerable effort. Due to this undeniable talent for scaring himself, he was named Spook.

Sometimes it is the cats' personality that suggests a name. A bold little explorer who was the first kitten in his litter to explore the world outside their nest was named Boone. A handsome brown kitten was so very fastidious in everything he did (one never puts ones' paws in the food dish, that's dirty!) that he was eventually named Thomas.

Naming a cat can be a pleasant and entertaining task. It's often the very first thing a person does when he or she picks out a new companion. Take a little time to select just the right name for your new friend. A good name will set your new relationship off on just the right foot.(red)

Jumat, 22 April 2022

The Advantages of Neutering your Male Cat

The Advantages of Neutering your Male Cat

Most male animals that are not used for breeding purposed are castrated, neutered, so that they can no longer impregnate a female. For cats especially, this is crucial, since there are hundreds of kittens every year that go without homes. There are many advantages to neutering your male cat, and the process is quite safe, so you should consider it if your furry feline friend is male and not yet neutered. 

Male cats that have not yet been neutered are called tomcats. Simply put, it can be difficult to live with a tomcat, no matter how well trained he may be. When your cat is not neutered, he will want to get outside as frequently as possible to mate with female cats in heat. This can be disastrous if you live in a busy street with lots of traffic or if your cat is not used to being outdoors. Tomcats also roam a lot, meaning that they may travel far distances in search of female cats, and it is possible for your cat to roam too far and not know his way home. It is also possible for him simply to resist coming home at all, since he will be shut indoors. To protect your male cat, neutering it the best choice.

Tomcats also fight and are generally more aggressive than neutered cats. Because they want sexual dominance in a particular area, they may seek fights with other male cats to drive them away. Cats will fight to the death if they feel threatened, and fights cause not only injuries, but also the spread of diseases like the FeLV virus, which can be fatal. Neutering your cat will not stop an aggressive cat from being less aggressive toward humans, but it will prevent your cat from actively seeking fights with other male cats in the neighborhood. 

Vasectomies are not done with male cats. Rather, the simple neutering procedure will remove the male reproductive organs, which are easily accessible in most tomcats. In some cases, more extensive surgery has to be done, because they have not developed and descended correctly. The removal of these organs is what causes the changing in male hormones through a cat’s body, changing the cat’s behavior. Sterilization is not enough, because the cat won’t notice the difference and will still seek to fight and mate. Your vet can tell you more about this procedure, but all in all, it is the best choice for any cat, since there are already so many homeless cats in the world.(red)

Kamis, 21 April 2022

Moving and Cat Concerns

Moving and Cat Concerns

Moving can be a difficult situation with which to deal for all member of your family, including your cats. If you will be moving in the near future there are a number of things that you should consider in order to make sure that your cat’s health is not compromised. Don’t forget to think about your furry friends when moving!

First, when you are packing for the move, it might be a good idea to confine your cat to a single room or to have a friend of family member watch your cat for the day. Movers are often caring very heavy items, like sofas and refrigerators, so they shouldn’t have to watch where they step. Your curious kitty could also climb into the moving van or boxes and get packed away! If your cat is fully an indoor cat, the open doors while you are loading your belongings are also a worry, since it is easy for a pet to bolt out the door. 

About a month before you move, have your cat wear his or her collar full-time, even if you do not normally put the collar on your cat. All of his or her information should be updated and the tags should reflect your new address. When cats are confused, they often run, and a lost cat in a new neighborhood may not be able to find his or her way home very easily. If your cat needs certain medication, this can be very dangerous. By having his or her wear a collar at all times, at least until he or she gets used to the new location, you can make sure that your cat is returned home if lost. 

During the move itself, don’t forget to make special accommodations for your cat. A cat carrier that is well ventilated is a necessity, and if the trip will be more than a few hours long, you’ll also need to carry food, water, and litter box supplied for your cat. Cats that are not used to riding in cars may get sick, so talk to your vet about ways to prevent this. You can also cover the carrier with blankets to provide a bit of extra security for a stressed-out kitty when you’re in heavy, loud traffic or construction areas. 

Remember, that you’ll need to find a new vet in your new neighborhood. This should be a top priority for you if you’re moving, and you should talk to your current vet about having your cat’s medical records transferred to a new location. If your cat is acting strangely at all, do not hesitate to call your vet to more tips about moving with your cat.(red)

Rabu, 20 April 2022

Cat Breeds: Maine Coon Cat

Cat Breeds: Maine Coon Cat

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history. Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. 

Perhaps you would care to consider:

Maine Coon Cat 

The ancestry of these big, hearty cats from New England is unknown. Most likely they came across from Europe with the early settlers as working cats on the ships. Some of these long haired ship cats apparently decided to disembark in the new world and made their home there along with the new colonists. Winter in New England can be 

extremely tough. Only the strongest survived those early winters, human or cat. Once they settled in to their new homes, these long haired cats began to thrive. The Shaggies, as they were called then, became a familiar part of colonial life throughout New England.

The Maine Coon Cat is a big, strong, intelligent cat. They are also very loving and devoted family members and remain very playful into old age. Maine Coon Cats do not seem to make snap decisions about people. They remain somewhat reserved when they first meet new people or move into a new home. Once they have made their decision, 

they become affectionate and devoted companions. Maine Coon Cats also have an unusual fascination with water. They are known to dabble in their water dishes or play in showers before the water has all run out. Once in a while, a cat will actually go swimming.

Maine Coon Cats are gentle giants in the cat world. Males can top out at 20lbs while females can reach 12 lbs. The size difference between the sexes is unusually large. The females are no pushovers despite their lack of size. They feel they are every bit as strong as the males and aren't afraid to prove it. These ladies can be quite feisty. Maine Coon Cats have broad chests with well muscled bodies and medium length legs. 

This breed does not reach full maturity until they are four years old. This cat has an easy going and affectionate temperament. The smallest part of this cat is its voice. Maine Coon Cats speak with a high squeaky voice that seems entirely incongruous coming from such a massive cat. These cats chirp, cheep, chortle, and trill as well as meow. It's quite an eye opener to hear a Maine Coon Cat speak.

These cats have thick semi long coats which are all-weather and water resistant as well. Fortunately, the Main Coon Cats coat does not tangle easily. The texture is surprisingly silky. The most common coat color pattern is tabby though they can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The Main Coon Cat is a breed whose cheerful ways continue to charm people every day. Give the Main Coon Cat a closer look. The breed is hardy and affectionate. This cats' laid back temperament would make an outstanding family pet.  This cat may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.(red)

Selasa, 19 April 2022

Cat Behavior: More Oddities

Cat Behavior: More Oddities

In my previous article on cat behavior, we discussed some interesting and unusual behavior displayed by the family of cats that live on my farm. That was only the beginning. These cats seem to delight in unexpected behavior. I thought I would share a few more gems with you.

There are three female cats on my farm. They consist of matriarch, Patch, and two of her daughters. There have been other female cats on the farm, but I have been able to find new homes for all of them. Cats, being solitary hunters, are not expected to show any kind of social hierarchy. My three female cats do have a definite hierarchy. The top cat is, of course, Patch. 

It's the two daughters that have been interesting. The older daughter, Calico, is from Patch's first litter she had on the farm. She is a sturdy, healthy calico that has not had any real problems. The second daughter is Little Girl. Little girl is a couple of years younger than Calico. She is the smallest cat on the farm. A black cat with flashy white markings, little girl is active and elegant. 

Since her birth, Calico has been Patch's favorite daughter. Calico and patch hung out together much of the time. Patch even allowed Calico to help her with her kittens. When Patch wanted to go do something, Calico was right there to baby sit. Even when Patch was there, Calico was often right there with her. 

She could often be seen washing a kitten or even just providing a nice warm place for the little guy to sleep. When Little Girl arrived things continued quite awhile in the same way. Little Girl grew up and had her first litter of kittens. Calico, as occasionally happens with calico cats has turned out to be sterile. 

She has never had any kittens. Because of that, when little Girl had her kittens, Calico lost her favorite daughter status. With Little Girl's kittens, Patch became the doting grandmother. She was always helping Little Girl with her kittens. The two of then could often be see lying together, bathing the kittens or watching them play. Calico was banished. She wasn't allowed anywhere near those kittens or any other litter since. 

Calico didn't just lose kitten privileges. She wasn't even allowed to hang out with Patch anymore the way she used to. Poor Calico, she was very upset. She knew exactly who to blame for her predicament. Little Girl. Calico and Little Girl fought several times. Unfortunately for Calico, Patch would sometimes jump in on Little Girl's side and run her off. Calico was banished to hanging out with her brothers. 

It's been a couple of years since then. Little Girl is still favorite daughter. Calico's position has eased somewhat. Last summer, Little Girl allowed Calico to help her with her kittens once in awhile. Patch has allowed Calico to hang out with her again from time to time. Who knows? One day Calico may just be able to work herself back into her mother's good graces. Little Girl seems to think so. She watches Calico very carefully. If she thinks things are going too well for Calico, Little Girl will start a fight with her. Oh well, Life goes on.

It isn't only the girls showing some interesting behavior. This past year two brown kittens were born. Thomas, a handsome cinnamon brown with lots of flashy white, was born in the spring. Pudge is solid brown without any white at all and was late summer. What is interesting about these two is that they are both fascinated by horses. We have three horses and every day you can find Thomas or Pudge (or both) strategically positioned to watch them. When I call the horses out of their pasture, often I find Thomas trotting in along with them. 

If I throw hay into their mangers I have to check before I throw. Quite often Thomas or Pudge will be sitting in the manger, ready for a close up study of the horse. When the horses are grazing, Thomas will creep along, nose to the ground until he's almost nose to nose with the horse. He will stay there for a few moments until the horse gently swings his nose at the kitten to push him out of the way. 

Pudge has recently developed a fascination with horse's tails. He will come right in behind the horse's heels and start playing with the tail. Fortunately for him, the horses have refrained from launching him into orbit.

Cats are funny and entertaining creatures aren't they. You just never seem to know what they are going to do next.(red)




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